More protecting and serving

Once more, a reminder that the police are just as likely to be the enemy as not:

On Dec. 2, Jeremy Marks, a Verdugo Hills High School special education student, was offered a new plea offer by the L.A. County District Attorney: If he pled guilty to charges of obstructing an officer, resisting arrest, criminal threats and “attempted lynching,” he’d serve only 32 months in prison. That actually was an improvement from the previous offer made to the young, black high schooler — seven years in prison….

The first thing to understand is that Jeremy Marks touched no one during his “attempted lynching” of LAUSD campus police officer Erin Robles. The second is that Marks’ weapon was the camera in his cell phone.

The police are simply out of control all around the nation. They clearly believe they are above the law because they are so seldom held accountable for their actions. It is obviously necessary to pass laws in every state making it perfectly clear that recording video and audio of police actions is not only legal, but any attempt by police to resist such recordings being made will be prosecuted.

“[T]he Los Angeles School Police Department’s internal affairs division ‘sat on 16 investigations of police wrongdoing for so long that the officers can’t be punished, even though all were ultimately found guilty of misconduct.'”