Joel Rosenberg arrested

It looks like the Minneapolis police department is determined to test its ability to flout the concealed carry law:

Rosenberg was in police headquarters to pick up some documents, and he came packing not only his handgun but a video camera. The video captured Sgt. Palmer confronting Rosenberg about his gun before taking the weapon away with all the decorum of a father scolding his bratty son.

Rosenberg argued he had permission to carry inside City Hall and later filed a complaint against Palmer. Palmer insisted that Rosenberg was violating a court order that bans guns on the premises. The warrant that was issued yesterday for Rosenberg’s arrest agrees with the latter opinion.

Rosenberg says he notified the sheriff’s department of his intent to carry a weapon into the office that day, while the warrant says the sheriff has no record of that.

Notice that the police position depends upon the sheriff having no record of something it doesn’t even openly deny. Which means that they’re doing what the police always do when they’re in the wrong – they’re lying – so I hope Joel has a record of his conversation with them. I recently dealt with a company that swore they had no record of my contact with them; they were trying to bill me for a contract I’d canceled months. They tried to pull the same “we have no record” line and didn’t drop it until I sent them a copy of the email I’d sent them which also referred to the conversation I’d had with them.

Shameless. And here’s an interesting thought. If the police are the servants of the public, why is it legal for the police to lie to the public and illegal for the public to lie to the police? Good luck to Joel. It should be a matter of real pride for him to be publicly declared “Minneapolis’s most rabid gun advocate”.

And yes, fantasy fans, he is THAT Joel Rosenberg.