You’re not imagining it

Some women really do think men find high maintenance behavior to be attractive:

Am I alone in thinking there’s something rather magnificent about a woman who can demand (and more importantly, receive) such extravagant devotion? In this egalitarian age of dual incomes, shared bank accounts and recrimination over whose turn it is to empty the dishwasher, there’s something quaintly old-fashioned about any woman who takes such slavish adoration – and the 10-course menu degustation – for granted, with a blithe lack of concern for cost or equality.

This is an exhibit of what is all too common in women, although hardly limited to them: an inability to distinguish between cause and effect. Alpha males do not, as this woman assumes, desire women because they are high maintenance, rather, they desire the sort of women who can get away with being high maintenance because they are exceptionally attractive. And meekly accepting such behavior on the part of a woman is anything but alpha.

It’s similar to the way in which women mistakenly think that because they find social status and money to be a primary determinant in a man’s attractiveness, increasing their social status and income will make them more attractive to men. But it doesn’t work that way; most men will be much more interested in marrying a pretty demure woman who didn’t finish high school than they will to an attractive, successfu, female executive with a degree from Harvard Law and the requisite manjaw.

But give credit where credit is due as the writer gets one thing right. The one thing worse than the openly high maintenance woman is the high maintenance woman who thinks she’s low maintenance.