Dowd goes nuclear

Her column entitled Nuking the White House is subtitled: “Would Republicans make Indianapolis collateral damage in their eagerness to wipe out Obama?”

I can’t speak for Republicans, not being one, but I would say no, since Indianapolis never did anything to anyone except Baltimore and it would be unnecessary anyhow since Obama is politically wiping himself out about as fast as is humanly possible. However, I suspect a great many Americans would be quite willing to accept New York City, Washington DC, and Los Angeles as collateral damage.

However, there is an ominous warning to Republicans in her column. It does not bode well for them that the new House Majority Leader didn’t see fit to allow himself to be subjected to a gate rape last week. Keep this in mind if he comes out in support of the TSA and opposes Ron Paul’s new bill.

“The Times’s Jeff Zeleny was on the scene and reported that John Boehner did not wait in line or go through security: he “was escorted around the metal detectors and body scanners, and taken directly to the gate.”

It’s amazing how clueless politicians are when it comes to PR when one considers how much their careers depend upon it. If Boehner had any PR skills at all, he would have opted out of the scan, then shouted “don’t touch my junk” at the first TSA agent to approach him. The crowd would have roared and his approval rating would be in the 80s… among Democrats.