Welcome home, Randy!

I was most pleased to learn about the trade between the Patriots and the Vikings yesterday. Moss is still an elite receiver and the Vikings should never have traded him. Had they kept him and pursued Drew Brees, as I had wanted, I think they would have had more success over the last five years.

This bodes very well for the latter half of the season; between Moss, Rice, Harvin, and Peterson, the Vikings have assembled a fearsome collection of offensive talent to match their excellent defense. It should be enough to keep our resident divaquarterback both interested and happy; everyone has forgotten that the Vikings didn’t begin particularly well in 2009 either despite starting off 3-0. The defending Super Bowl champion Saints and the Miami Dolphins are considerably more difficult than the Cleveland Browns and the Detroit Lions and both games were quite close.

And the magical moment that set the stage for the 2009 season, the Favre touchdown to Lewis with no time remaining in the third game, was only necessary because the Vikings were trailing a mediocre San Francisco team. So, if I wasn’t feeling that the Vikes were going to walk away with the Super Bowl – as if any true Vikings fan would EVER think that for a second – I wasn’t the least bit worried about their 0-2 start either.

Adding one of the great receivers of all time and a huge fan favorite isn’t going to hurt either. Aside from what it means for the team’s chances, I’m just glad to have Randy back where he belongs. He never should have left.