Sailer on Chesteron

On willful short-sightedness:

Why do people think it intelligent to say, “I can see no difference!” It is nowadays quite a mark of culture to say that one can see no difference between a man and a woman, or a man and an angel, or a man and an animal. If a man cannot see the difference between a horse and a cow across a large field, we do not call him cultured; we call him short-sighted.

It is rather amusing to witness the contortions that people, even those who are supposedly dedicated to materialism and science, will go through rather than simply admit what they are observing. Because there is no such thing as equality of any kind, not material, not legal, not social, not cultural, nor spiritual, it is provable nonsense to declare that women are equal to men, that white Americans are equal to [insert color here] [insert national identity here], or that cows are equal to horses.