Here Finny Finn Finn

In which the cat is set amongst the pigeons… SK asks a question:

Have read Mere Christianity. Will do so again on regular basis. Have noted numerous references to other Lewis works in recent posts. Can you and/or Ilk recommend Lewis reading list and in what order (if relevant) his works should be read?

I would start with the Chronicles of Narnia, then read the Screwtape Letters, then Mere Christianity and The Abolition of Man. After that, the Space Trilogy. I wasn’t that impressed with either The Problem of Pain or Miracles, but they’re worth reading; at this point I think one is better off delving into GK Chesterton. Lewis is, without question, a great writer. But over time, I have gradually reached the conclusion that he was more skilled at portraying the core truths of Christianity in a highly accessible manner than he was at delving into its depths. This should not be taken as a criticism, for it is a rare and enviable skill indeed.

Which reminds me. You will never see a child more excited than the little girl who was walking through the Italian airport and noticed that there was a flight to NARNI. “Narnia! Oh Daddy, please can’t we go there instead?”

I have to admit, I was tempted. After all, the wardrobe isn’t the only way into Narnia.