A well-deserved red

I have no sympathy for Germany. Miroslav Klose’s card was for stupidity more than anything else. Yes, the Spanish ref is calling a strict game, but as a player, you have a responsibility to pay attention to that. Klose had already been whistled twice for tackles from behind and verbally warned about it, then went ahead and committed two more fouls in exactly the same manner.

UPDATE: 1-0 to Serbia. The Germans were literally handed an opportunity to tie the game after a Serbian defender committed the most inexplicable handball I have ever seen in more than three decades of soccer, but Podolsky’s weak penalty shot was saved by the keeper. The German defeat casts an even harsher light on Australia’s feeble performance in the first game.

UPDATE II: An absolutely shameful call by the referee to disallow the USA’s third goal. FIFA has done an excellent job in forcing the side judges to stop calling phantom offsides, now they need to stop the referees from calling phantom fouls in the box. The only fouls being committed were by the Slovenian players. Absurd. The USA well-merited the three points by fighting back from a two-goal deficit, but now it will be necessary to beat Algeria if they’re going to qualify. Fortunately, they would appear to have the fortitude to do exactly that.