Mailvox: Underzog!

A self-styled hero of Zionism writes WND in response to my solution for the Middle East conflict:

Why does a newspaper that boasts a rational policy on the Middle East still keep those anti-Semites, Pat Buchanan and his mini me, Vox Day?

Get rid of them – or if you’re not going to get rid of these Nazis, then at least, have a special designation for them. WorldNetDaily has in its commentary a section called “out of left field.” I suggest a compromise for Pat Buchanan and Vox Day. Maybe you can have a section called “from the brown corner” as WND has “out of left field.”

Placing the editorials of Pat Buchanan and Vox Day in something called “from the brown corner” still keeps the anti-Semites on WND but makes it clear that they are brown in political leanings; i.e., the color of the Nazi storm troopers (brown battalions). It’s a good idea, no?

He also wrote directly to me:

You’re jest sooooooooo funny in your anti-Semitic taunts. We obviously have a young Pat Buchanan waiting to pick up the Jew hating torch when that draft dodging Nazi passes away. But, I have an idea, too. The Catholic church has a lot of pederasty and the Libertarians, of which you proudly call yourself, are the party of child molestation; therefore, if the Jews should leave Israel because of the evil of others, the children in the Catholic Church and of Libertarain party members should wear reverse chastity belts to cover their backside so that those Christians and Libertarians cannot sodomize them. If Jews are to vacate Israel because of the whining evil of others, it certainly makes more sense, at least, for a particular denomination of Christians and Libertarians to spare their male children the evils of pederasty comitted by them by giving those children reverse chastitty belts to protect them from the child molestation of the Libertarians and the Catholic priests. Such an action certainly makes more moral sense than destroying Israel because some Muslim/Arab savages murder and whine about Israel.

If not all Christian denominations support child molestation as the Catholic denomination does, you Libertarians certainly do support the child molesters: . I give the URL here, but that is superflous as you already know this about your fellow Libertarians.

Remember to get some bright Libertarians to design a reverse chastity belt to protect male kids from the perils of sodomy from Libertarains as they are the party of child molestation.

Ha ha ha…. Tee hee hee, nyuck nyuck nyuck; etc. Do you think you’re funny? Well, I can be funny, too, as in this letter. Are you amused my Jew baiting friend?

Frankly, yes.