The next civil war

Looks to be more East vs West than North vs South:

There were half a million fewer whites in California in 2008 than in 2000, a period when the state’s overall population grew by 4 million to 38.1 million, according to a study released Thursday by the state Department of Finance. By 2008, whites made up 40 percent of Californians, down from 47 percent at the turn of the century. In 2000, Hispanics comprised 32 percent of the population; that number grew to 37 percent in 2008.

It’s not going to take until 2042 for Hispanics to become a majority in California. The problem with linear projections of the sort in the article is that they do not take dynamic behavioral responses into account; whites will flee California even faster as the Hispanic population naturally begins to turn its numbers into political dominance. And, as we’ve seen, the Aztlan independence movement has already taken its first baby steps.

However, there are alternatives to this expected future, some of which might surprise you. See tomorrow’s column for details.