Who said women killed science fiction?

WisCon: a report from the very large, reinforced trenches:

Thinking Ahead: Feminists thinking about possible near and middle futures and feminist responses to them

WisCon description: What challenges and opportunities will feminists face in the coming decades? Feminism has always looked to the future. But are feminists now in danger of falling behind the curve? Isn’t it time to use our SFnal skills to feminist advantage?


* Moondancer – A white woman who is Native American because she wears a cowboy hat and has wolves all over her shirt. And because she calls herself Moondancer.
* Xakara (no last name) – Saucy black woman who writes multicultural, bi-poly-transamorous science fiction.
* (Three other people…)

This panel seemed innocent enough. Future feminism. I can do this. Seems like a sane crowd.

Moondancer starts going on about how your womb space has power, and that men are threatened by your womb power. Women exude energy during their moontime.

Feminism is making progress, because Moondancer’s son is a little pussy who gets beaten up by his sister and takes it.

Then, out of nowhere, a broad-shouldered woman with an Adam’s apple shouts out, “How can we say we are moving forward when Hillary just gets consistently struck down!”

The crowd gasps. This is what I came for!

“She opened her mouth and said things she shouldn’t have said!”

“A president can’t be nice! She can only go so far because women have to be nice!”

“Systematic, intentional vilification of Hillary as a nagging woman is because of socialization of men!”

“Every strong woman is a lesbian!”

“My magi-shapeshifter race is council-governed by all women!”

After reading this, I feel inspired to run against John Scalzi for SFWA President next year. My platform is going to involve disenfranchising all of the female members and endorsing a Federal law banning women from writing any science fiction or fantasy that does not contain vampires or wereseals and comes with a warning label: WARNING: this is Vampire/Wereseal fiction, not actual science fiction or fantasy.