Homeschool or die VII

Okay, these murderous attacks on Chinese schools are getting to the point that it is straining even my dark sense of humor to find the comedic silver lining:

Seven children at a nursery school in north western China have been hacked to death and at least 20 more injured in the ninth attack involving children in just over a month…. the Chinese government has ordered intense security at all schools, redeploying thousands of troops and equipping security guards with restraining poles and pepper spray. In Beijing, the police say they have stopped seven more attempts on schools in the past month. However, the extra security has so far been unable to protect children in the countryside, and parents have voiced their panic.

Ace’s pre-school teacher acquaintance was arguing that real-world experience is a plus, so there’s no denying that surviving knife attacks is not only educational, but should serve the survivors well in preparing for a future battling against seven-foot tall irradiated cockroaches that shoot fire from their eyes. Of course, given that the latest Chinese caedophile also killed the kindergarten teacher, she might not be around to make the argument.

It is becoming ever more clear that we are approaching the madness season. I know there are plenty of smart people who are dubious about the concept of history’s engine, but it has to be admitted, the science of mass human emotion did predict an increase in this sort of behavior. What is frightening is that we are still at the peak of Wave 2… it’s hard to imagine what chaos will rule at the depths of Waves 3 and 5.