“A landmark project for the new decade”

It may not have hit #1 like Aaron Klein’s new book, but recent events appear to be on the verge of proving the case made in RGD to be correct. You’ve probably noticed that no one is insisting that debt isn’t a big deal anymore.* Anyhhow, I somehow managed to miss this review of RGD, which appeared back in February courtesy of Jim Fletcher:

Vox Day, the Mensa-soaked columnist for WorldNetDaily, is one of those rare individuals who tells it like it is even when we don’t want to hear it. And once the pain subsides, we realize he might just have saved our lives.

His new book, “The Return of the Great Depression,” is that important.

Look, you can listen to MSNBC or read the dream weavers at the New York Times, who still worship the first non-American American president, but going to a place of fantasy in our minds is not going to help us fight our way to whatever economic recovery is possible.

For those who want to pretend that the Chinese don’t hold our debt in their hands … don’t read this book. If you still believe that entitlement programs – even those now for banks – is the way to go, read Oprah’s latest spiritual guru. Maybe that will make you feel better….

If I were an economics professor anywhere, I would make “The Return of the Great Depression” the capstone of my semester’s reading list. Vox Day has managed to make a real-life horror movie an absorbing page-turner. If you have been urged to read this book – and that’s exactly what I’m urging – and you don’t do it, you have only yourself to blame.

I fully expect this book to be a landmark project for the new decade.

And, of course, it’s like $2 on Kindle at Amazon…. By the way, the Dow just dropped nearly 900 points on word that European lending had frozen up.

*It may amuse some of you to note that I wrote this post about 90 minutes before the markets tanked.

UPDATE – I should have a better idea what’s going on tomorrow morning. As I wrote in RGD, the real problems are in Spain, Ireland, and the UK. Greece is small enough that it doesn’t matter except as the first domino.

UPDATE II – Our favorite Doommonger sees unmistakable signs of the Eschaton in all of this: “I doubt anyone’s enjoying the sound of ice cracking beneath our feet, but some of us are less surprised than others. We fans of Peter Schiff, Marc Faber, and Vox Day are just sitting at our desks nodding glumly and saying: Yep. Yep. … From Vox’s wonderful suicide-inducing new book, chapter title “What Can Be Done,” just the headlines:”