A moment of clarity

Gordon Brown’s “bigoted woman” remark demonstrates the contempt of the modern transnationalist politician for the very people who keep him in power:

There is intense anger among large parts of the electorate at what is happening to this country, and in Mrs Duffy that discontent found its voice. In her encounter with Gordon Brown, she raised the two issues – the deficit and immigration – that have until now hardly featured in the campaign, even though they are of overwhelming concern to millions of voters. Rarely has the gulf between the political elite at Westminster and the people they are supposed to represent been more graphically illustrated.

Such encounters used to be the stuff of election campaigns and, in truth, Mr Brown handled the exchanges perfectly well. It was his extraordinary private remarks to an aide afterwards, picked up by an open microphone, that did the damage. His own insecurity was exposed when he described the encounter with Mrs Duffy as a “disaster”. It was not; he was courteous and they parted on good terms. Mr Brown’s curious over-reaction seems to confirm the view, widespread in Whitehall, that he regards a contrary point of view as a personal affront.

But it was his characterisation of this Labour-voting pensioner as “just a sort of bigoted woman” that is genuinely shocking. What message does it send when the Prime Minister (who once talked of “British jobs for British workers”) brands as “bigoted” anyone who dares raise the issue of immigration in a conversation with him? Such arrogance plays straight into the hands of the British National Party.

It is ironic, of course, that aside from the BNP and UKIP, the British political parties, Conservative, Labour, and Liberal-Democrat, are all hell-bent on destroying Great Britain and rendering it nothing more than a non-sovereign county in the great trans-European nation at the very same time that the fundamental economic idiosyncrasies are threatening to tear apart its bureaucrat-imposed political structure. I can’t imagine the Greek/Portugese/Spanish debt crisis is doing wonders for the pro-Euro stance of the major parties either.

It is long past time that people like Mrs. Duffy learn to stop voting for people who despise them and are working to their detriment.