The end of medical privacy

I wonder what the average over/under is on how long it takes a government to misuse, abuse, or publicly release the statistical data it originally gathered under the aegis of keeping it completely secret:

Patients’ medical records go online without consent

Patients’ confidential medical records are being placed on a controversial NHS database without their knowledge, doctors’ leaders have warned. At present 1.29 million people have had their details placed on the system. A further 8.9 million records are due to be added by June. By the end of next year, the NHS hopes to have more than 50 million uploaded. The “summary” records contain basic medical information including illnesses, vaccination history, and could include medication patients have been given. Ages and addresses are also included.

Seriously, who still falls for the idea that government can collect data without abusing it in some way, shape, or form? Where are the usual suspects? Forget the libertarians, you would think the pro-abortionists and gays, at the very least, would be totally up in arms about anyone being able to go online and see how many infants a woman has murdered and find out who is rolling with six strains of herpes in a suspicious location. And what bizarre mutation of “liberalism” could possibly entail placing the most intimate information about millions of people in the public’s hands?

Keep in mind that this is almost surely going to be a consequence of Obamacare. Once you give the government complete control, you can expect absolutely no ability to influence whatever madness results.