Sexbots > rainbow-striped unicorns

This was the attempted rebuttal of one Roissy reader, presumably female, to his warning of sexbots on the technological horizon:

A sexbot won’t be your cook, cleaner, masseuse, secretary, arm candy, and public sex kinky bitch. She won’t be social with you, won’t laugh at your jokes, won’t adore you madly, and won’t make you feel alive and fulfilled.

Well, that should certainly end the silly notion that a Victoria’s Secret sexbot line might harbor some appeal to men. Everyone knows that romance has far more appeal to men than a combination of sex and cutting edge technology, right? One wonders if this individual has ever talked to a real man or woman.

I imagine more than a few men read that and immediately thought “On the other hand, she also won’t be my surrogate mother, thought police, social fuhrer, and ISO 9000 examiner. She won’t prefer TV to sex, won’t glare at me when I am insufficiently obedient to her momentary whims, won’t disrespect me, and won’t make me feel as if at any moment I am going to lose half of everything I have ever worked for.”

Some men are certainly fortunate enough to be married to beautiful women who love them and treat them well. However, I very much doubt that describes most men, especially the betas and gammas. And the simple fact is that men have no intention of trying to bitch, complain, and nag society into changing to accommodate their preferences, instead they are going to do what they always do and quietly go about finding a more acceptable solution. I’m just hoping that the technologists get those artifical wombs working before the sexbots are perfected, otherwise it is certain that it is the technophobic who will inherit the Earth.

There are very few equity investments I would advise making in this economy. AI-controlled sexbots, preferably with a solar-powered option, is definitely one of them.