For the Ilk

As some of you may recall, the little technology project on which I’ve been working with Markku is approaching the initial stages of completion. Some of you have asked if the Ilk can be of any asistance or score a discount, so here’s what’s up.

Next week we will be announcing a new program giving an additional 15% discount – stackable with the pre-order discount – to those who produce application modes. This doesn’t require anything more than filling out 30 cells on a spreadsheet and it shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes. But we’ll give the Ilk first crack at participating in the program plus an additional 5% off. Combined with the pre-order discount, the modemaker discount will cut 40% from the retail price for what is easily the best mouse in the business.

We want modes for everything. Old DOS games, strange audio applications, popular mainstream applications, you name it. If it’s got hotkeys or pull-down menus with keyboard shortcuts, we can do it. So, if you’re interested, send me an email telling me the name of an application or game for which you’d like to make a mode. I’ll confirm that we don’t have one yet, you make the mode and send it to me. I’ll pop it into the software to test it out, then I’ll send you the code and you can place your pre-order. However, I’d recommend that you only make a mode for software that you know reasonably well.