End the Rooney Rule

It’s racist, pointless, and stupid:

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Carroll has agreed on a deal to take the job. According to Schefter, the only hangup is that the Seahawks can’t make the hiring official until they comply with the Rooney Rule by interviewing a minority candidate. Of course, at this point, if the Seahawks do interview a minority candidate solely to comply with the Rooney Rule, they would be making a complete mockery of the Rooney Rule. Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier has reportedly decided to sit for an interview after being assured that Carroll doesn’t have the job yet. Perhaps after reading Schefter’s report, Frazier will change his mind.

I hope he does. Frankly, I’m a little tired of black Minnesota defensive coordinators getting hired to be head coaches and win Super Bowls elsewhere. I wanted the Viking front office to fire Denny Green and promote Tony Dungy before he left for Tampa; I not only would have preferred Tomlin to Childress but would frankly have settled for David Chapelle in preference to Childress at the time. Now, the team has greatly improved under Childress and he appears to have stopped trying to prove that The Tarvaris Jackson Experiment is a starting NFL quarterback, so I can’t honestly say that I’d prefer the unknown quantity that is Frazier to the known strengths and weaknesses of Chilly.

But I do wish we could have some success without losing every doggone defensive coordinator who helps make it happen. Anyhow, it’s a ridiculous rule and it would be amusing to see the teams mock it more openly than they already are by interviewing black comedians, Hispanic gang leaders and young Asian violin prodigies. This is, by the way, your NFL playoff post… is there even a single individual here who likes Cincy today? Well, I think the Bengals and the Cowboys will make it through.