VPFL Playoffs Round One

Judean Front (10-4)
Bane Silvers (7-6-1)

Alamo City Spartans (10-4)
Mounds View Meerkats (8-6)

It looks like another one-and-out for the Meerkats, although that’s less disappointing this year. Getting no performance out of two of my three keepers – Clinton Portis and Greg Jennings – and making a terrible blunder by picking up Mario Manningham instead of Steve Smith (NYG) left me scrabbling to fill my roster from week to week. With every starter but one playing on the road and the Spartans up 30-7 already thanks to early points from MJD and Miles Austin, I’m just hoping to keep it halfway respectable. Besides, everyone would be disappointed to miss the big showdown between the Spartans and the Front.

The Saints have blown their perfect season, I expect the Colts will next week. I’m just hoping the Saints drop another one while the Vikes win out and claim home-field advantage.