Corrupt and dishonest

And armed with guns and badges:

IT WAS just after midnight. Brian Westberry and a woman friend sat frozen in his bedroom, hoping the persistent pounding on the front door of his Northeast Philly home would stop. It didn’t.

Westberry, 24, slipped his licensed .38-caliber revolver into his pants pocket and crept downstairs to open the door.

There stood Gregory Cujdik, 32, who demanded to see “Jen,” his girlfriend. Westberry told him “Jen” didn’t want to see him, and repeatedly ordered Cujdik to leave. When Cujdik refused, Westberry threatened to call police.

” ‘Do it. My family are cops,’ ” Cujdik said, according to Westberry.

Every policeman and prosecutor involved in this miscarriage of justice should be fired… but we all know they won’t be. One thing that many people probably don’t know is that militaries have historically despised police for their cowardice. Wargames even have codified rules based on the fact that when police units are used as combat units, they tend to be ineffective and overly prone to breaking and running. In total contrast to the military, the police are only brave so long as the other side is unarmed, outnumbered, and preferably, under the impression that the police are going to give them a fair shake.