This review goes to eleven

The Responsible Puppet provides 11 reasons to buy RGD:

1. It includes a simply told, but not simplistic account of the last 25 years in global economic history.

2. If you know nothing about economics (which I didn’t), the Glossary alone is worth the price of the book.

4. If you do not know nothing about economics, this book has a good primer on Austrian Economic Theory – which you may have never heard of, but probably should acquaint yourself with.

3. Are you thinking that nothing can stop our economic prospects from getting better? This book is a study on why you may be wrong.

It should be pointed out that the aforementioned glossary was the Responsible Puppet’s idea in the first place. When he heard I was writing a book on economics, he emailed me to suggest that a glossary might be of some utility to those innocent of economic theory and jargon, so I’m glad that he found it to be useful.