Two RGD reviews

CM reviews RGD on Amazon:

If you’ve been a reader of Vox Day, you know his dry humor, and you also know his intellectual rigor – both are present in spades in RGD. If you haven’t read his stuff before now, you’re in for a treat. Did articles on the subprime mortgage crisis leave you thinking you had listened to people speaking in tongues? This will explain the process of how banks were enticed to jump off the cliff and the underlying political/economic assumptions of our time that led up to the jump. Furthermore, you’ll have the big picture, too, for Day is a fan of history as well as economics.

Ron Anderson reviews RGD at This Is Reno:

For the more politically minded, anyone still wondering what all the fuss over Ron Paul was about last year, this book provides the answers. It includes the best argument from the right against Reagan era monetarism that I’ve ever read. Like Keynesianism, monetarism requires government intervention and top-down management of the economy. For those on the left, former Labor Secretary Robert Reich comes through looking fairly reasonable, while Paul Krugman’s critique of Austrian theory is mercilessly dismembered point by point. There is also a nice section on the early development of Austrian theory, it being a response to the German scientific method that was being adopted by 20th Century fascists.

In fairness, I’m not sure my sense of humor can reasonably be described as “dry”. My friends usually refer to it as either “morbid” or “a deeper shade of black”.