RGD: a review from Norway

T. Tucker posts his thoughts on Amazon:

Vox Day’s latest book is both a refreshing and sobering look at the economy. Refreshing in that it throws off the straight-jacket of the Keynesian/Krugman lie that we can borrow our way out of a debt crisis and sobering as you realize that our politicos don’t have a clue about the right thing to do…. Interesting, well documented, and easy to read with points illustrated by easy to read graphs and charts, an excellent overview of the times we are in and the troubles to come.

I appreciate the review, especially because it’s always interesting to learn what aspects of the book appealed to different individuals. Since I created nearly all the graphs myself in OpenOffice Calc, it’s good to know they’re not completely illegible. And on a tangential note, behold the power of the basic economic concept known as price elasticity. Although today is only the second day since it was priced correctly, the Kindle version of RGD has already become the fifth-bestselling book in the Economics category at the Kindle store.

The conventionally priced hardcover, on the other hand, doesn’t rank in the top 100 in Economics and is #39 in Economic History compared to #3 for the ebook edition.