The whine of the game widow

Especially considering that it’s not an actual male holiday like Madden Day or something:

Something momentous took place in The World of Men this week, something that those living in The World of Women – that is, largely, The Real World – may yet be unaware of. At midnight on Monday, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 went on sale. Should you be a reader of the female persuasion your reaction is likely to be mystification followed by the dawning realisation that this accounts for your partner’s having since gone AWOL….

Modern Warfare 2 allows participants to play the part of soldiers facing a series of combat scenarios, and is so bloodthirsty that it includes a couple of “checkpoints” where those without the stomach can opt out. It comes with an 18-certificate, however an army of forsaken women will argue that it should also carry a relationship health warning.

I have to admit, I’ve never understood how women, who apparently spend considerably more time in front of the television on average than men, can possibly complain about the male preference for electronic games. Let’s face it, you had better be one scintillating conversationalist and/or contortionist if you seriously expect to compete with CoD. Now, I do occasionally fear for the fate of the human race when talking to younger gamers who genuinely don’t seem to understand that real flesh-and-blood women could at least occasionally be preferable to porn and PS/3; at least back in the Golden Age, game geeks realized that they were compensating for missing out on something.

Anyhow, whatever, on to more important matters. Let’s say, for example, you’re playing CoD on the PC. And let’s say you have a mouse that just happens to have a joystick on the side. Do you prefer to assign WASD there for the movement? Or, do you leave that up to your left hand and assign Lie Down, Crouch, Stand Up, and Reload to the joystick? I’ve been playing both ways and I think I find the latter to be more efficient, but I was wondering what the other CoDers here might think.