It’s over, go home

If your troops are being murdered by your allies, that’s a good sign that you should give up the hearts and minds strategy:

Five soldiers have been shot dead by a “rogue” Afghan policeman in an attack at a police checkpoint. Three Grenadier Guards and two Royal Military Police were attacked as they rested inside a compound. The soldiers, who had removed their body armour and helmets, were shot by an Afghan national policeman who then fled. It is not known whether he was a member of the Taliban or being coerced by the insurgents.

The Afghan and Iraqi occupations are of zero national interest to the United States. They are of even less interest to Great Britain. And one wonders how long it will be before similar attacks happen to British troops and policemen in the UK itself. If you haven’t managed to win over a populace after eight years of occupation, give up and go home. It’s not going to happen.