The world as Python skit

Teenage folk singer killed by coyotes

How, I wonder, do you attempt to explain this sort of thing to the next-of-kin if you’re the responsible policeman? I mean, somewhere under the badge, you too are a human being, you have feelings, and you probably wouldn’t be given the assignment if you weren’t at least somewhat sensitive to the emotions of others. But then comes that critical moment when you are asked how it happened, and you have to answer “Coyotes.”

Wolves would be one thing. Bears, no problem at all. Even ants, I could understand, having kept a suspicious eye on the little bastards since reading about Leiningen’s encounter with them as a child. Squirrels or lemmings, on the other hand, would be even worse. And then of course, when one first reads the headline, it’s hard to escape the fleeting thought that there could be an element of divine justice at work there.

Granolas never seem to grasp that “communing with Nature” sometimes means that you’ll be playing the part of the bread and wine.