Letter to Vox Day III

Luke has posted his third letter:


Again, I’ll break this into sections.


I agree evolution is a tangent, but once again I can’t let you get away with what you’ve said. In your first letter, you made many unsupported (and false) assertions about evolution, for example that evolution is “of little material value to science” and that “the predictive models evolutionary theory produces are reliably incorrect.” I responded by quoting your assertions verbatim and then directly rebutting them with relevant evidence, argument, and examples. In your second letter, you again refused to support any of your claims about evolution, and instead resorted to empty hand-waving:

If you do happen to investigate [my points] in the future you will discover… that it isn’t even possible to credibly dispute them.

Your repeated refusal to support your own claims is a direct violation of your own rules for your own blog, specifically Rule #2:

You are expected to back up your assertions… The dishonest and evasive tactics that are so common in Internet argumentation are not permitted here…


Instead of backing up your claims with argument and evidence, your tactics rely mostly on obscurantism and dismissal.

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