Because 453 years of British rule wasn’t enough

Remember this vote the next time someone tells you, with a straight face, that people want to be free:

Irish voters approved the European Union’s Lisbon Treaty in a substantial shift of sentiment, with 67% voting in favor and 33% against, according to the final count announced Saturday…. The Irish last June rejected the treaty—which will establish a permanent president and foreign minister for the EU, and give more authority to Brussels— by 53% to 47% in a referendum.

Fools. Utter, utter fools. They so richly deserve exactly what they’re going to get. Fortunately, given the complete cluelessness of the Irish electorate, this is the last time they’ll be permitted to vote on anything meaningful. I used to wonder how Hitler won overwhelming plebiscites supporting his outrageous centralization and expansion of power. It’s not a mystery anymore.