2nd Letter to Vox Day

Luke responds. Read the rest of his letter at Common Sense Atheism.


Thanks for your reply. I’ll break this letter into sections for easier reading. I wish we had fewer differences to write about!

1. Research and discussion
You asked me why so many atheists want to discuss religion with you before reading your book on the subject. But that’s not an atheistic tendency. It’s a human tendency. We are all short on time. But I know how you feel. Every week I am barraged with questions about ethics that are answered in my short and well-organized Ethics F.A.Q., which is linked from above the fold on every page of my site!

I have skim read your book, enough to know that you and I agree about much of what the New Atheists have written. But no, I did not read every word. I have not browsed your blog archives. And I wouldn’t expect you to read my book or blog archives, either. I think we can clarify our views for each other well enough as we go along.

This was written in reply to my previous letter.