VPFL Week 2

76 Mounds View Meerkats (2-0)
54 Burns Redbeards (0-2)

64 Valders Valkyries (2-0)
53 Masonville Marauders (0-2)

82 Judean Front (2-0)
62 Winston Reverends (0-2)

68 Bane Silvers (2-0)
58 Black Mouth Curs (1-1)

78 Alamo City Spartans (1-1)
42 Greenfield Grizzlies (0-2)

The Meerkats’ season is off to a most excellent start, beginning as it has with wins over Nate and the White Buffalo. I’m a little concerned about my starting RBs, though, as both Portis and Forte are underperforming to a shocking degree. I’d like Sproles a lot better if Tomlinson wasn’t due to come back soon. Harvin, on the other hand, has been a pleasant, if not entirely unexpected, surprise. And with three good quarterbacks on the roster, I should be able to trade for a more effective RB in a week or two.