VPFL Week One

56 Mounds View Meerkats (1-0)
36 Greenfield Grizzlies (0-1)

89 Judean Front (1-0)
60 Masonville Marauders (0-1)

67 Valders Valkyries (1-0)
64 Burns Redbeards (0-1)

83 Bane Silvers (1-0)
44 Alamo City Spartans (0-1)

67 Black Mouth Curs (1-0)
63 Winston Reverends (0-1)

It’s great to see the Meerkats start off the season with a win, but it’s a bit annoying to face Nate while having to choose between having one of my starting RBs face the Baltimore or the Pittsburgh defense. I’m going to go with Sproles over Forte operating on the assumptions that a) Cutler will turn the ball over more than Rivers, and, b) Sproles wants to keep Tomlinson off the field. Just one receiving TD, that’s all I ask from the little guy this week.