The next Voxiversity

This would be the time to throw in a few of your suggestions. We probably won’t start for about two months, as I’ve got a number of things going on that may preclude my ability to produce the quizzes reliably, much less get involved in the more detailed discussions. I’m not promising that I’ll pay any attention to any of these suggestions, but perhaps someone will come up with something of particular interest to everyone.

I’ve been thinking about Caesar of late, probably because I’m three-quarters of the way through a mediocre, but entertaining fictionalization of his personal history. But Gaul or Civil Wars? Another possibility would be my forthcoming book, the title of which I will announce here in two weeks. It may be too soon for that, though, considering that we read AGD not all that long ago. And eventually we are going to have to get around to Herodotus, although I’ll have to finish my own re-reading of it first. So, fire away with your opinions, if you have any.