Chop up the corpse

Pat Buchanan wonders if America is coming apart:

The question invites itself. In what sense are we one nation and one people anymore? For what is a nation if not a people of a common ancestry, faith, culture and language, who worship the same God, revere the same heroes, cherish the same history, celebrate the same holidays and share the same music, poetry, art and literature?

Yet, today, Mexican-Americans celebrate Cinco de Mayo, a skirmish in a French-Mexican war about which most Americans know nothing, which took place the same year as two of the bloodiest battles of our own Civil War: Antietam and Fredericksburg. Christmas and Easter, the great holidays of Christendom, once united Americans in joy. Now we fight over whether they should even be mentioned, let alone celebrated, in our public schools.

America isn’t coming apart, America is dead. Ideally, the remains would be divided in three. There would be two coastal nations where the Left could celebrate diversity, experiment with godlessness and homosexuality, experience the true joys of vibrant multiculturalism, and enjoy the economic advantages of open immigration and socialism. And there would also be a third nation in the middle, a White Christian conservative hellhole that would guarantee the right of immediate and permanent expatriation to the liberal paradises to the east and west for any of its citizens who yearned for the panoply of “rights” on offer. Would-be emigrants attempting to leave paradise for the reactionary hell would be shot on sight, of course. The lessons of Californication and Mexification were already old when Alaric was attempting to settle his Goths in the Eastern Empire.

The right of self-determination is supposedly so sacred to Americans that they have gone to war everywhere from Germany to Afghanistan in order to preserve it. It will be ironic if it is denied to them once it becomes clear that the Union not only is not worth preserving, but cannot possibly be preserved.