Mailvox: of specks and spears

OtS emails us a reminder that whatever it was that threatened Amynda’s ex-stepfather in her youth – explains a lot right there, doesn’t it – we can safely assume it was not, in fact, her intelligence. Man fears the unknown, not the nonexistent:

In my long of being a Texan—and one who grew up in a rural area, though I live in a blue city now—I can safely say that I’ve never met a gun nut who wasn’t reacting to deep masculine insecurities with a heavy dose of racism to make it worse.

I think one really has to seriously question the legitimacy of an opinion on racism expressed by anyone who not only contemplated publishing a book with this cover, but was downright enthusiastic about it. Especially considering that even after the outcry forced a cover change Ms Marcotte’s book still featured illustrations full of spearchucking jungle Negroes literally getting their backsides kicked by an Apple Amazon woman. Throw in the mention of deep-seated sexual insecurities and you’ve got what looks rather like a textbook case of psychological projection… especially since she’s attempting group psychoanalysis.