That settles the question

The Federal Reserve rules over the American people, not the Congress:

JUDGE ANDREW NAPOLITANO: Despite growing pressure from the House and ordinary people, the Senate decided not to increase scrutiny on the Federal Reserve. They actually blocked a bid on procedural grounds to have the Government Accountability Office audit the Federal Reserve and issue a report…. How is it that legislation that has more than half the members of the House behind it and is proposed by a staunch conservative Republican like you and then independent socialists like Bernie Sanders is stopped on the floor of the Senate cold before you can even formally introduce it, before you can make a speech in favor of it?

This is no surprise, it’s merely an application of the Golden Rule. It’s no longer possible to pretend that the USA is a constitutional republic. It’s just a bank-run banana republic headed the way of all banana republics. The end game would appear to be in sight as it appears that the parasite has finally taken all it can from the host and soon will have to attempt the dangerous leap to a different one.