Liberal Fascism – Chapter Two

The weak and the sick have been weeded out, as always happens once people take the introductory quiz and realize that they actually have to read the book in order to do well on these quizzes. And yet, more than 850 staunch readers remain. Congratulations, if you are one of them. As before, please keep the extraneous and tangential elements to a minimum; I have some thoughts of my own on this chapter that I will expound upon in the comments once others have had a chance to say their piece.

The reading for next week will be Chapter 3 – “Woodrow Wilson and the Birth of Liberal Fascism”. The quiz for that chapter will be posted on Monday, July 6th. If you happen to be be on vacation, please note that you can always take it later by scrolling down through the blog posts or by clicking on the Voxiversity III link on the left sidebar.