Turnabout is fair play

It’s interesting to see how the Left’s grievance techniques are being used against it now that its Gramscian march through the institutions is largely complete:

A US teenager has successfully won a lawsuit against a teacher who described creationism as “superstitious nonsense”. Chad Farnan, a devout Christian studying at California’s Capistrano Valley high school, persuaded a judge that his European history teacher, James Corbett, violated the establishment clause of the First Amendment, which courts interpret as banning government employees from promoting, or displaying hostility towards, religion….

Judge Selna concluded that there was no legitimate secular purpose to the statement and it constituted “improper disapproval of religion in violation of the establishment clause”.

It will be interesting to see how other anti-religious bigots teaching at publicly-funded institutions react to this. If government employees cannot be permitted to promote religion, they cannot reasonably expect to be able to denigrate it either. Poor old PZ may find himself reduced to talking about actual biology for a change.

I find the whole thing to be absurd, of course, since the government has absolutely no business being involve in education for a variety of Constitutional, practical, and freedom-related reasons. But, if the rules are in place, one shouldn’t be surprised if people elect to play by them. I’m rather looking forward to seeing the first “adverse impact” lawsuit filed against one of the professional sporting leagues, or better yet, Hollywood.