It’s none of our business

After posting a story about nine people being shot and killed by the Iranian military, Michael Ledeen asks an incredibly stupid question.:

[H]ow can any American remain aloof from this sort of thing?

Easily. Very easily. Effortlessly. It’s neither our business nor our concern. No American cares any more about minor state violence in Iran than they do about state violence being committed anywhere else in the world. The US is a bankrupt paper tiger; it’s simply not capable of playing world policeman.

Mr. Ledeen’s faux concern about the violent state crackdown in Iran might be a bit more convincing if a) he was similarly concerned about much greater violence being committed in Tibet, the Sudan, and various African countries, and, b) if Mr. “Faster, please” hadn’t been actively calling for violent US-imposed regime change in Iran since the Iraqi invasion.

Obama is doing the right thing to avoid meddling in Iranian affairs. He shouldn’t be meddling in Israeli affairs either.