It’s a penalty, but they count too. Landon Donovan converts and it’s 1-0 USA! Not for long though. Rossi drills a beautiful goal into the corner from distance. Bang… nothing the keeper could do about it. The amazing thing is how many Italian kids are capable of striking the ball like that. 1-1.

De Rossi’s goal was poor defending, the US player looked like a little kid trying to use his “good” foot instead of the one that was in the right position. 2-1 Italia. Pirlo makes a lovely move and a perfect soft cross to Rossi, who puts it away without hesitating. 3-1 Italia.

The USA actually didn’t play badly for a team down a man, but the defending was a little shaky and unlike the Italians, the attackers and midfielders were hesitant about taking shots. Luca Toni is overrated, as always; it was amusing to see Howard stone him so easily twice.