RPF: still worthless bastards

If a revenue production officer can’t handle a 72-year old granny without a weapon of any kind, he should be fired on the spot. As this moronic RPO should be, as well as prosecuted for assault:

Watch Travis County constable Richard McCain explain the incident, and the whole thing sounds reasonable: The driver was speeding through a construction zone, and disobeyed the deputy’s orders when she got pulled over. So, eventually, the cop zapped her with a Taser. But then you watch the video of what went down on that strip of Texas highway. And suddenly, the claims of the driver “refusing to move” and getting “violent” suddenly seem ridiculous. Because the driver is a 72 year-old great grandmother who barely makes it up to the cop’s chest.

Remember, this all stems from the revenue production officer’s “duty” to pull the old woman over for driving too fast. Pursuant to yesterday’s post, it’s worth pointing out the way in which the approved use of tasers by the police has been rapidly defined in a more expansive manner over the last decade. This is precisely what one should logically expect of the use of waterboarding if the Federal government is successful in its attempt to expand its legally approved methods of inquiry.