Gordon Brown must go

I can’t say with complete certainty that Gordon Brown is the worst Prime Minister ever to be inflicted upon the English people, but he’s without question one of the worst. Of course, if the British Labour Party wasn’t such a bunch of feckless, economically-incompetent, euro-subservient ninnies, they wouldn’t be the British Labour Party:

Honestly, my granny could run a better coup than this lot. How hard can it be? What does it take to get rid of Gordon Brown? You’d think a well-judged shove would do it. Or a lone tank outside the radio station. Or a ranging shot from the destroyer offshore. Or just one gentle puff from someone close – and he’s gone. Yet after another day of political comedy, the Prime Minister is still locked away in Downing Street, refusing to budge. Westminster thinks he’s finished, but he’s still there, like a gangster shouting: “Come and get me, coppers!” He has no intention of making things easy by walking away.

Send Labour – and perhaps more importantly, the Conservative Party – a message by voting UKIP today. And for the love of Her Majesty the Queen, find her a less obnoxious Prime Minister to serve time until the next parliamentary elections, the calling of which should be the new Prime Minister’s first action. It is rather amusing, though, to see the speed with which Tony Blair’s Nu Labour managed to transform itself back into a media-friendly version of Old Labour, complete with its patented capacity for economic self-demolition. Unfortunately, David Cameron is no Margaret Thatcher and the Tories are too europhilic to be a genuine alternative. Regardless, as even the Labour-loving Guardian has concluded, Gordon Brown must go.