GDP Watch: Q1 2009 Preliminary

Speaking of statistical shenanigans, now we’re told that things are better than previously reported, but not as much better than previously reported as expected. Got that? Of course, I know you’re all looking forward to the upcoming revision of the National Income and Product Accounts, where similar post-facto adjustments will be applied to historical data.

2009 Q1-6.1-5.7
2008 Q4-3.8-6.2-6.2-6.31.1 (1.3)
2008 Q3-0.3-0.5-0.3-0.5
2008 Q21.
2008 Q10.
2007 Q40.60.60.6-0.22.0
2007 Q33.
2007 Q23.
2007 Q11.
2006 Q43.
2005 Q41.
2004 Q43.