Fascists are always leftists

Progressive order out of chaos in the Bundesrepublik:

The killing in 1967 of an unarmed demonstrator by a police officer in West Berlin set off a left-wing protest movement and put conservative West Germany on course to evolve into the progressive country it has become today. Now a discovery in the archives of the East German secret police, known as the Stasi, has upended Germany’s perception of its postwar history. The killer, Karl-Heinz Kurras, though working for the West Berlin police, was at the time also acting as a Stasi spy for East Germany….

For the left, Mr. Kurras’s true allegiance strikes at the underpinnings of the 1968 protest movement in Germany. The killing provided the clear-cut rationale for the movement’s opposition to what its members saw as a violent, unjust state, when in fact the supposed fascist villain of leftist lore was himself a committed socialist.

This is why books like Liberal Fascism are important. Unless you understand the actual political spectrum, you’re constantly left floundering about and bewildered by historical events such as these. And it’s interesting to see how German socialists still love a well-publicized false flag operation. It’s a relief to know such things could never happen in the USA.