Of suicide and social autism

Jim Oliver repeatedly attempts to spam the comments with the following:

Score: Vox Popoli 1 Free Speech 0

Former Rules: you come in here slinging insults and acting disrespectfully, you will be treated with a contemptuous and derisive disdain.

As I said, how this blog deals with WBC will evidence much…

One of the regular posters on this site, WBC, so loves innocent children, that he is cruelly intending (anonymously) to cause 2 little girls lifelong pain as the grieve for there recently deceased Father. See WBCs post about Feminism. How this blog deals with this person will evidence much.

A very gentle man, with 2 lovely daughters hanged himself in the Virgin Islands a few weeks ago. Here’s a news story:

Francis was a blogger. Here is his profile: Francis left behind, among others, 2 lovely daughters. Here arei Francis’ comments on them, with their pics:

A blogger on this site WBC, and who lists this site on his blogger page wrote this undeniably revolting comment on Francis’ blog intending Francis’ family and young daughters would read it. After all, one intends the logical consequences of one’s actions. I post this referncing your rules: If you come in here slinging insults and acting disrespectfully, you will be treated with a contemptuous and derisive disdain …

Well, WBC ireferences this blog on his page:

Here are WBC’s anonymous comments on Francis’ blog, and my response.

WBC said…
Well, Francis, you did it. You somehow talked yourself into taking your own life. Quite frankly, I was stunned. For a day or so I refused to believe it, but as the facts became known, I began to understand a number of things:

1. You really weren’t that intelligent – merely clever;
2. You were very good at false bravado;
3. You were disgustingly self absorbed;
4. You reduced self-pity to an art form; and
5. Your intellectual dishonesty caught up with you – you finally bought your own bullshit.

I’m sorry Francis – I really am. I am working on forgiving you, with modest success. And I am praying earnestly for the repose of your soul – something you insisted you didn’t have. But it is difficult to maintain a sense of respect for your intellect. Whatever abyss you were staring into was of your own construction – you dug it consciously and systematically. For some reason you chose nihilism as a way to view the world. And after choosing to believe there was no truth, you killed yourself because you wanted truth to exist.

What foolish, shallow, ignorant, crap!!!!

So what do you think now? Were you hoping for oblivion? Did you think you were making some sort of a statement? Did you think it was noble? Did it never occur to you that you were demonstrating a selfish, gutless stupidity?

I earnestly pray that the Lord has prepared a means for your salvation – the alternative is too horrible to contemplate. The tragedy is that the Lord revealed Himself to you during your lifetime and you not only chose to reject this truth, you chose to scorn and ridicule anyone who saw and believed.

Still laughing? Still sneering?

12:02 PM
Jazzbeaux said…
Anonymous WBC – I spent several hours last week trying to get Francis’ Mother and Father to read his blog. I wanted them to be reminded of Francis’ humor, his kindness, and his love.

Now they get to read you.

Anonymous WBC; Francis never needed your approval; Francis’ does not need your forgiveness; and Francis does not need your prayers.

You criticize Francis, apparently in the name of “Christ,” as “foolish, shallow, ignorant…selfish, gutless stupid…”

Anonymous WBC, when you wrote these words (on Francis’ blog, not yours) you intended that those who love Francis, including his daughters Thea and Nina, would read them.

Anonymous WBC, in so doing you have proven two quite remarkable things:

1) that, even with the ultimate last word, Anonymous WBC actually loses his last debate with Francis; and

2) that Francis, a self-described athiest, yet full of grace, will be welcomed by any God in Heaven; while you, apparently a self-defined “Christian” will be (I believe the current phrase is) “left behind.”

Anonymous WBC, we all die.

Francis, bless his heart, merely chose when.

After this, Anonymous WBC, you should try to emulate our friend Francis; as, should you not, it appears very likely that you will be the only person at your funeral.

Yours Publicly,
Jim Oliver

Let me get this straight. Mr. Oliver is so hopelessly clueless that he doesn’t realize that the rules of this blog have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with what other people might happen to do elsewhere on the Internet. I am not responsible for my readers, I have no idea who most of them are, and to be blunt, I don’t care how they may happen to behave in the publicity of other people’s blogs. It’s how they behave here that matters, and Mr. Oliver has demonstrated that while he may have read the rules, he clearly doesn’t understand them. A few points:

1. None of this has anything to do with me, Vox Popoli or free speech. There is no free speech here, there is only speech that I tolerate. I do happen to tolerate a broader spectrum of speech than the vast majority of blogs, but I don’t permit strange and obsessed people to span the comments. Knock it off. The main reason I posted this was to point out the copious flaws in your reasoning.

2. It seems to have escaped Mr. Oliver that WBC can’t possibly cause those two young girls anywhere nearly as much pain their supposedly “gentle father” did. Since I grew up on the same street as a family where the older son committed suicide, I suspect their views of their father’s choice of when to die will run rather closer to WBC’s than yours.

3. WBC sounds a lot more like someone who knew the dead atheist and is angry at him for selfishly killing himself than a sadist who wishes to obliquely torment anyone, let alone the suicide’s family.

4. Your conception of the dead man’s fate bears absolutely no resemblance to any actual theology. How, one wonders, could an anonymous comment on a dead man’s web site possibly prove anything about who will, or who will not, enter into the kingdom of Heaven? There are many gods, the Christian God among them, who make it very clear that they will not welcome one who has rejected them, and rejected the very gift of life itself, into their presence.

5. If you’re an atheist and you kill yourself, you should probably expect people to conclude that your action is evidence that atheists are unhappy, angry, nihilistic individuals. This is certainly not true of all atheists, given that most of them appear to be capable of living out their days without offing themselves, but the astute observer will probably notice that a statistical predilection for suicide tends to fly in the face of the Atheists are Happy! propaganda put out by American Atheists. So, atheists, if you want to score a point against those stupid Christians, don’t kill yourself!

6. If the auto-deceased was correct, he was merely a specific collection of atoms. He arranged to disperse those atoms into different patterns. Why should this dispersal be of any concern to WBC, the related atom collections or anyone else? I, for one, can testify that it doesn’t trouble me in the slightest.

7. Learn to HTML link. And spell.

8. This blog has no problem whatsoever with WBC. Whoever he is. It do
es have a problem with you at the moment. Keep this discussion here on this thread and it won’t.

In summary, Mr. Oliver, you appear to be a rather stupid and socially autistic individual whose reading comprehension and logical capacities are as deficient as your theology. I won’t pretend to be able to clock down slow enough to understand what your point in spamming the comments here was supposed to be, but on the slim chance that doing so might see some sense slapped into you by the regulars here, I have permitted you an unedited platform. Any comments you might have on the matter belong here and nowhere else on this blog.