American Stasi

To me, it’s less offensive that the Wisconsin court decided that it’s acceptable for the police to plant GPS tracking devices without a warrant. The problem is that the police want to do it in the first place:

Wisconsin police can attach GPS to cars to secretly track anybody’s movements without obtaining search warrants, an appeals court ruled Thursday. However, the District 4 Court of Appeals said it was “more than a little troubled” by that conclusion and asked Wisconsin lawmakers to regulate GPS use to protect against abuse by police and private individuals. As the law currently stands, the court said police can mount GPS on cars to track people without violating their constitutional rights — even if the drivers aren’t suspects.

As I have said many times before, the police are not on your side. They consider you to be the enemy, at best, the potential enemy. In light of this, the only rational response is for the American citizenry to view them in precisely the same way. Don’t kid yourself. If their superiors ever decide to order them to do what numerous other authoritarian governments have ordered their police and security forces to do in the past, I will be surprised if a single one of them will have the courage to resign, let alone resist. They’ll just follow orders and do it, regardless of whether that involves spying on citizens, hunting for constitutionally-protected arms, or rounding up Juden.