Mailvox: pray do explain

Derek manages to stump an Internet Superintelligence:

I just read your case against science and some of your other ‘work’. Amazing! As farce it is very funny, but if serious, it is the most idiotic thing I have ever read. You instantly destroy your own ‘argument’ and pack a short article with so much ignorance, flawed logic, falsehoods, and deranged thinking, it is truly a wonder. You do not even understand the scientific method that demolishes your ‘argument’ almost immediately. Believe what you will, but trying to force those beliefs on others who reject them is offensive. Since you are so against science, you should stay away from modern hospitals with all their advances in health care derived from science. Set up fundamentalist hospitals so you can stay true to your beliefs.

Derek is really pretty stupid if he truly doesn’t understand that science is as potentially dangerous to humanity as beneficial. I’m hardly alone in noticing this, as my view is no different than Richard Feynman’s, among many others. His naked assertions mean absolutely nothing; if he has an actual case to make, then I would encourage him to actually attempt making it. No one, least of all me, gives a damn about what he has read or what he might happen to think.

Of course, the complete lack of logic that Derek reveals in just a few short sentences indicates that the probable reason Derek fails to actually substantiate any of his assertions is that he isn’t capable of doing so. This is quite common among science fetishists because they don’t think before expressing “their” opinions, they merely regurgitate the same talking points we have heard so many times before. Derek is a model example, right down to the “you just don’t understand the complicated and ineffable magic of science”.

I will freely admit, however, that I have absolutely no idea how the scientific method almost immediately demolishes my case against science. Perhaps Derek or some other science enthusiast would be so kind as to explain this to me.