Collected columns

I was looking for an old game column online the other day, and although I found it, I realized that most of them were pretty much gone forever. Which is not great loss; no one cares what I happened to think of a random Game Boy Color game these days anyhow, least of all me. While Internet archiving is a lot more comprehensive now than it was back in the mid-90s, it occurred to me that it would be useful to have a book of my political columns on the shelves for reference.

Anyhow, once I finish the current book, I’m thinking about putting together a book of my WND columns from 2001 through 2008. With 7 years worth of columns running 750 words with some minor commentary that’s going to be somewhere between 750-800 pages. Since I like nice leather-bound books, I intend to have it printed on quality paper and bound in leather; some years ago, Spacebunny gave me an Franklin Library edition of Umberto Eco’s Foucault’s Pendulum that I had been admiring so I’d like to do something like that. They’re going to be expensive, I think I can guarantee you that, but I’d probably charge something like $25 over the printing, binding, and shipping cost, which should keep the price under $150. Well under, I’d hope, but perhaps not with an 800-page monster… I suppose it’s possible that doing four-year collections might make more sense. Anyhow, in the event you would be interested in a copy, let me know. I’m not taking orders or anything, just wondering if anyone else might want one. The books will be an extremely limited edition, quite possibly an edition of one, in fact, if no one else happens to be interested.