Licking the jackboot

Most people don’t deserve freedom, because they don’t actually want it:

Police officers will be back on the street today in Elko New Market. The City Council voted unanimously Thursday night to reinstate the city’s police force. The vote, which came with some conditions, brought cheers from more than 150 residents who had crowded into Eagle View Elementary School, where the meeting had been moved because it offered a larger venue than City Hall.

Police officers in the community south of the Twin Cities had been on administrative duty since the City Council voted to remove them from patrol, effective at midnight April 9, with the intent of disbanding the department entirely on May 13.

It’s good to know the people of Elko New Market are once more free to enjoy no-knock raids, arbitrary traffic stops and indiscriminate fines. Those lawless two weeks of murder and mayhem must have taken a terrible emotional toll on them. And I can’t help but notice that the Star & Sickle report never bothers to explain why the City Council originally voted to get rid of the police, or why two members of the department require personnel reviews.