An accomplishment of sorts

Christian Fiction Review takes a look at Summa Elvetica:

Ladies and gentlemen, behold the winner of the most fascinating (and bizarre) book title in the history of Christian Fiction Review! That alone has probably prompted more than one second look at this most unique title. What we have here is a concept that is relatively obvious and yet never before addressed in any writings I’ve ever read.

My writing time is committed for the next four months, but it might please those who enjoyed SE to know that I spoke this week with a UK publisher who read the book and apparently quite enjoyed both the novel and the novellas. Marcher Lord is already interested in doing a second book, so I think the prospects are rather good for an eventual return to the world of Marcus Valerius, Caitlys the elven sorceress, Lodi the dwarf, and His Sanctified Holiness Charity IV.