Why yes, I did laugh

Joel Rosenberg fires off a rather good one:

Tom Maddox is an SF writer of fairly minor import. His major professional accomplishment, from this remove, is that he hangs out with his buddy, William Gibson, of (deserved, even though I don’t care for it) Neuromancer fame, who he, well, kind of worships. Back in the day, he was a frequent infestation, err, presence on Usenet, promoting Gibson (pbuh) in every context. It was kinda like when my six-year-old discovered Britney Spears.

Then one day, some guy writes in and asks something to the effect of “Which came first, Gibson’s Neuromancer or the movie Bladerunner?”

I happen to quite like William Gibson’s work. His more recent novels are arguably better than the original cyberpunk stuff with which he made his name. But he’s not a literary demigod either and his accomplishments don’t require embellishment.